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HHS Warns About Hive Ransomware

The Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) warned the healthcare industry last week of the “exceptionally aggressive, financially-motivated” Hive ransomware group. The Department of H...

Internet Explorer is being retired
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RIP Internet Explorer: 1995-2022

Microsoft is finally retiring the long-in-the-tooth Internet Explorer browser seven years after launching its replacement, Microsoft Edge, and 27 years after IE was first introduced as an add-on for Windows 95....

Vulnerabilities Detected
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Vulnerabilities Impacting Many Medical Devices

Two separate reports this month note security vulnerabilities affecting medical and other “Internet of Things” devices. Forescout’s Vedere Labs and CyberMDX announced the discovery of seven vu...

ransomware attack
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Ransomware Leads to Shutdown of Healthcare Facilities

Multiple hospitals and clinics have been impacted this week by a ransomware attack against Memorial Health System. The healthcare facilities in Ohio and West Virginia canceled non-urgent surgeries scheduled for...

windows 11
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Ready for Windows 11?

The next version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11, was announced this June 24th. A free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs, the new OS will be pushed out near the end of the year. The single-m...

Managed Service Provider

Rise in Ransomware Attacks Threatens Healthcare Providers

A recent rise in ransomware attacks shines a spotlight on the importance of cyber security for healthcare providers and their practices. Microwize Technology, a privately held healthcare IT consulting firm i...

paying ransomware
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Paying Could Lead to Second Ransomware Attack

A recent survey noted that 80% of businesses that pay ransoms suffer another attack. Cybereason’s report also shows that almost half of ransomware victims ended up with some or all of their data corrupted...

Are Managed Services Providers Worth it
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Are Managed Services Providers Worth it? 

Over the past few decades, new technology has allowed businesses everywhere to thrive by increasing efficiency and generating useful insights through data. Many processes and tasks can now be aut...