Testimonials 1

Quick Resolutions From an Efficient and Kind Team

“Your team is extremely efficient in their response to any questions or concerns that I have. Either by email or phone, I feel that whenever I need assistance, they are there! While they have their own IT experience, they have been gracious enough to work with the IT person I have used for decades. I appreciate that willingness greatly. I am amazed by your support team and how quickly they resolve whatever the challenge may be. It never seems to interfere with my work with patients, in no time I am back up and running! Kindness and efficiency are attributes I appreciate very much in today’s society; there is not much room for a delayed response with medical billing! So when I can stay present with my clients it’s because I have great people backing me up. Serving with kindness makes all the difference, thank you!”

Dr. Lauren Nappen, Orginal Medicine

Testimonials 2

Deeply Committed to All Their Clients

“Availability and access have been the single biggest benefit of Microwize Managed IT services.  There is always someone available and a real tech is just one phone call away. The speed with which problems are resolved and the deep commitment you have to us as a client makes Microwize stand out from all other IT firms. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Microwize to anyone as their IT solution.  There’s a reason we’ve had this long relationship with this firm and it’s their superlative IT team.”

John Saegaert, Belmont Eye Center

Testimonials 3

Consistently Responsive, Knowledgeable Staff

“The Microwize IT staff is easy to reach and always gets me an answer AND offers a solution!  Saif has been especially helpful for me.  The responsiveness is a major differentiator from other IT firms, and the reason I choose Microwize.  I have been with Microwize for over 3 years now and still have not had an issue – that says something!”

Dr. Thomas Cusumano, Cusumano, Thomas Dr

Testimonials 4

Responsive, Personable, and Knowledgeable

“The ability to remotely access my data easily is very important for my practice and since I have moved to the Cloud with Microwize, I have been able to do just that!  Microwize is very different from other IT firms in that they are very responsive, personable, and knowledgeable.  This is our first experience with Cloud services. We have seen more consistent and reliable operating system than when we were server-based; less (minimal) downtime, increased confidence that if our systems go down in office, we can access what we need elsewhere where internet is available. “

Office Manager at Ophthalmology practice

Testimonials 5

They Are Always True to Their Claims!

“Microwize does what they say!  You should work with their team, they are awesome!”

Leda Rafter at Physician Billing and Consulting Services

Testimonials 6

Increased Our Productivity and Efficiency With the Right Solutions

“Microwize stands out from other companies because they are willing to go the extra mile. They always give me awesome support & develop new solutions for fixes. Overall, they helped us increase productivity and efficiency & implemented the right solutions for our company. Microwize is honest, sincere, understands the bigger purpose of technical support, and understands our company needs.”

Maria Squirlock, Immedicenter

Testimonials 7

Easy Process, Excellent Service, Knowledgeable Staff

“The previous IT company I used was terrible and got me into deep trouble with the way they set me up.  Microwize came in and completely reworked my network. Ever since Microwize set me up with a proper firewall and network, I have been up and running almost constantly. Everything about them is great. The service is great. The person who services us is very knowledgeable.  There are so many people who CLAIM to be IT people, but Microwize really knows IT. I have no hesitation recommending Microwize.  They are very professional, the contracting process is easy and very understandable, and the service is excellent!”

Dr. Michael DiGiovanna, DiGiovanna Family Care

Testimonials 8

Quick Response and Superior Service

“The single biggest benefit since joining Microwize is the quick response. When issues pop up, I always get a prompt response and quick solution.  Microwize is extremely responsive to my needs, I never have a problem getting through to a technical adviser.  If anyone is on the fence about choosing Microwize as their IT firm, I would say do it!  I have and will continue to recommend Microwize to my colleagues. I have found the service to be superior to my prior 2 companies that I had worked with and I find the pricing to be very fair.”

Dr. Gianni Persich, Persich, Gianni DPM

Testimonials 9

Reliable, Dependable, and Always There For Us

“Reliability has been the single most important factor. With the previous vendor, the system frequently crashed which put a huge delay in our patient intake and collection process. What sets Microwize apart from other firms is their system reliability, dependability, and readily available tech support. If you’re looking for a cloud service, there’s no debate, go with Microwize.”

Dr. Min Cha, Brunswick Urgent Care

Testimonials 10

Always Makes Me Feel Like I’m The Most Important Client They Have

“The biggest benefit to our company since joining Microwize Managed IT was the instant loss of stress and frustration we had when we signed our first contract in 2013???? We immediately felt like we had our own IT Department in our office. Microwize managed everything and made it look easy, from the in-person installation of hardware in our offices, to the ongoing software upgrades, and printer and modem changes.
The IT Department even carried us through an unfortunate computer virus situation that could have otherwise brought our practice to a halt, but thanks to Microwize, they were able to keep us up and running until they could deliver new hardware to our office.
I feel that Microwize does a better job because the company always treats you like you’re the most important client they have, regardless of the size of your company. You never feel like a number, you don’t have to repeat your story over and over, and for the most part, the employees I have had the pleasure of working with have been with the company as long as we have! Go with Microwize – you will not regret it!”

Cindy, Dr. Wali Mohammad

Testimonials 11

Quick Resolutions and Always Go Above and Beyond

“I am a supervisor at a large ophthalmology practice and have had the pleasure of working with Microwize for every problem. They are always quick to resolve any issues we have. They all go above and beyond to make sure our computers are running as smoothly as possible. From minor IT glitches, setting up remote users, fixing hardware in fast cost-effective ways all the way to software updates and problems they have exceeded all expectations. EVERYONE who works at Microwize is patient for those like myself who are not very tech-savvy with 20+ computers to manage. They also work to not totally disrupt your day by working with your schedule for things like server updates. They are awesome at figuring out network problems and setting up all sorts of printers to medical equipment. The IT Manager, Jonathan and Support Manager, Michael have been amazing to work with and go above and beyond for their clients. I work with Vlad and Saif often especially setting up new users on our domains down to the most minor IT question or problem. I have had to call them multiple times a day and we get the same great customer service every time. If I could give them 10 stars I would and I think I speak for the whole practice. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.”

Anastacia, Highland Ophthalmology Associates

Testimonials 12

Wide Variety of Services, a Pleasure to Work With

“I used to “do it all”: Except for software content-related issues I tried to update, upgrade and fix software/hardware. But the demands were outstripping my available time and abilities. Now we are in the Cloud and have a support contract, it has taken that responsibility and (frankly headache) out. We migrated from Medinet. They were much smaller, and albeit very attentive, not always to respond with the same efficiency as Microwize. I think they offer a broader palette of services than other companies. For things out of scope (i.e. web-site SEO) Robert has given me proper referrals. It has continued to be a pleasure working with all of you at Microwize, thank you for all that you do.”

Dr. Norbertus Robben, Mind Your Skin LLC

Testimonials 13

Peace of Mind From a Friendly Staff

“Ease of mind has been the single biggest benefit since switching to Microwize Managed IT services.  I know that everything IT related is integrated at Microwize and when I need something I just make one call.  Microwize is responsive to our needs in a timely manner. They care about keeping us up and running. They also have a friendly staff. They were also extremely supportive and responsive when we had to male extraordinary changes in our IT due to the Covid pandemic.  Microwize is the best IT experience we have had in the 25 years we have been using these kind of services.”

Bruce Karp, Laser Surgery Care

Testimonials 14

Best IT Decision I’ve Ever Made

“The single biggest benefit of Microwize is competency. Microwize was able to solve problems that my prior IT support company struggled with for years. Microwize is much more responsive, speaks to physicians in non-tech terms, and delivers on promises compared to other support firms. It was the best IT decision I’ve ever made for my practice, well worth the cost, and the staff is a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Vadim A. Finkielstein, MD

Testimonials 4

My System is Never Down or Available for Any Length of Time–Since 2004!

“Moving to the cloud has made the functionality of my program much more reliable.  I am so happy that some important tasks like daily backups & system patches & upgrades are all done automatically with the cloud service! I have been a client of Microwize since 2004!  The IT technicians from Microwize are absolutely incredible!  They have been able to fix any issue that comes up to make my program run as smoothly as possible.  The availability of getting a tech to work on my system is so quick. That is one if the best benefits of your service because my system is never down or unavailable for any length of time! If someone was on the fence about moving to your cloud service, I would tell them that it is the best decision that they could make for their business and their peace of mind!  The price for the amount of time and worry is well worth every penny!  I promise you will not regret getting on their cloud service!  It has far exceeded my expectations and i can rest at night knowing that my program will be there, ready to access as soon as I need it and that all my data is secure, retrievable and protected!”

Denise Kelly, Boca Office Medical

Testimonials 16

I Know Our Information is Safely Stored and Secured

“The single best benefit is that I know our information is safely stored and overlooked by a reputable company. The people who work for Microwize are wonderful, be it in sales or support they are always available, professional and resolve issues in a timely manner. Also like the ongoing classes on their products. Check them out!!!”

Marlene Todaro, Hampton Counseling Center